Quick Tip: Meta Descriptions

This fall I am working toward a search engine optimization specialization online through UC Davis. All in all, a good course. One recommendation I loved from the course was around the use of meta descriptions.

Back in the day, Google said meta descriptions don’t matter all that much for SEO. And since Google is basically the boss of SEO, that’s sorta the gospel now.

But what I loved from my class, and that I’ve seen subsequently on Moz, Hubspot and others is the recommendation to include a call to action in your meta description. It makes perfect sense! Your meta description is practically (free) ad text and you would never pay money for an ad without making it clear to the viewer what you wanted them to do.

The next time you are updating your meta descriptions, start incorporating calls to action such as “learn more” “download now” or even as direct as “purchase today” if applicable.