Good marketing is hugely dependent on data quality and how you use that data. Early in any campaign planning should be an understanding of your audience and a segment build in your email marketing or marketing automation program. If you are diving into segmentation for the first time, or if you just need a fresh … Continue reading


Quick Tip: Meta Descriptions

This fall I am working toward a search engine optimization specialization online through UC Davis. All in all, a good course. One recommendation I loved from the course was around the use of meta descriptions. Back in the day, Google said meta descriptions don't matter all that much for SEO. And since Google is basically the boss … Continue reading Quick Tip: Meta Descriptions

Are Nonprofit Finance Pros from Venus and Fundraisers from Mars?

Both nonprofit finance and fundraising professionals cite differing priorities, variances in reporting metrics, and lack of communication/information sharing as the biggest challenges they face when working together, according to findings from our latest research, “Nonprofit Finance and Fundraising Collaboration Study.” Nonprofit finance professionals also call out differing personalities and ad hoc reporting requests/interruptions as top … Continue reading Are Nonprofit Finance Pros from Venus and Fundraisers from Mars?

Actionable Advice for Winning Marketing Professionals

Sure, there’s some art to email marketing, but when you have data at your fingertips, it can be just as much science. The Informz 2015 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report dives into all kinds of data, from open rate trends to viewing devices. In our “Open, Click, Convert” webinar, Viv Swertinski from Informz broke down … Continue reading Actionable Advice for Winning Marketing Professionals